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import "AssetConfig.idl";

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Public Attributes

public AgentType assetType
 Denotes what agent species this Agent is.
public KeyTypeValueSequence64 topics
 List of topic names for messages from Agents that have multiple of a message type.
public KeyTypeValueSequence64 valueKeys
 Agent-specific state information can be stored in this extras sequence.

Member Data Documentation

For example, R2's right end effector position will be reported in the rapid.position.sample.endeffector.right topic which is the value to the key RightEndEffectorPosition.

The Name and Type information is stored in the KeyTypeSequence, and the AssetState message provides the values. The key denotes the name of a piece of information, the type is the DataType of the information, and the Value is the current value of the information upon start-up. This sequence has a counterpart in AssetState, named 'values'.

For example,

AssetConfig.valueKeys[0] = 'fooBar', BOOLEAN
AssetConfig.valueKeys[1] = 'driveFace', INT
AssetConfig.valueKeys[2] = 'fluxCapacitance', FLOAT

Updates are published as:

AssetState.values[0] = 'false'
AssetState.values[1] = '2'
AssetState.values[2] = '3.14159'

The value in the Sequence is the default value for that key.

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