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ChangeableComboFieldEditor Class Reference

A field editor for a combo box that allows the drop-down selection of one of a list of items. More...

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Public Member Functions

 ChangeableComboFieldEditor (String name, String labelText, String[][] entryNamesAndValues, Composite parent)
 Create the combo box field editor.
void setEntryNamesAndValues (String[][] entryNamesAndValues)
 Set a new list of entries.
int getNumberOfControls ()
void setEnabled (boolean enabled, Composite parent)

Protected Member Functions

void adjustForNumColumns (int numColumns)
void doFillIntoGrid (Composite parent, int numColumns)
void doLoad ()
void doLoadDefault ()
void doStore ()

Detailed Description

This modified version allows the combo contents to be changed


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ChangeableComboFieldEditor ( String  name,
String  labelText,
String  entryNamesAndValues[][],
Composite  parent 
namethe name of the preference this field editor works on
labelTextthe label text of the field editor
entryNamesAndValuesthe names (labels) and underlying values to populate the combo widget. These should be arranged as: { {name1, value1}, {name2, value2}, ...}
parentthe parent composite

Member Function Documentation

void adjustForNumColumns ( int  numColumns) [protected]
void doFillIntoGrid ( Composite  parent,
int  numColumns 
) [protected]
void doLoad ( ) [protected]
void doLoadDefault ( ) [protected]
void doStore ( ) [protected]
int getNumberOfControls ( )
void setEnabled ( boolean  enabled,
Composite  parent 
void setEntryNamesAndValues ( String  entryNamesAndValues[][])

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