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ImageMetadata Struct Reference

Holds status information for an image sensor - typically a camera, but could be a laser scanner, gpr, or any sensor that can pack a data sample into a 2D array.

import "ImageMetadata.idl";

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Public Attributes

String32 sensorName
 Unique identifier for sensor.
String32 sensorType
 Sensor type, e.g.
Transform3D offset
 3D transform which defines the zero position of the sensor with respect to the Agent's origin.
long width
 Native width (columns) of data sample.
long height
 Native height (rows) of data sample.
NamedFloatRangeValueSequence16 rangeSettings
NamedOptionSetValueSequence16 optionSettings
 One of the values here is the MIME type if available.
KeyTypeValueSequence16 extras
 Extra sequence for native or Agent-specific information.

Member Data Documentation

long height

May be deprecated in future because the framestore service should handle this.

Camera, LaserScanner.

long width

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