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Agent Class Reference

Convenience collection for AgentID constant values. More...

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Public Member Functions

String name ()
String toString ()
int ordinal ()
int compareTo (Agent other)

Static Public Member Functions

static Agent newOperatorAgent ()
 Example of creating a new Agent (for example, for client applications).
static boolean add (String agentName, AgentType agentType)
 Add a new agent to the set at runtime.
static synchronized Agent newAgent (String agentName, AgentType agentType) throws Exception
static Agent fromString (String name)
static Agent valueOf (String name)
static Agent getAgentFromName (String name)
static List< Agentvalues ()
static Agent[] valuesAsArray ()
static Agent[] getAgentsOfType (AgentType type)

Public Attributes

final AgentType type
 Integer agent id, defined in Agent.idl.

Static Public Attributes

static final Agent Astronaut1 = new Agent(AgentType.ASTRONAUT)
static final Agent Astronaut2 = new Agent(AgentType.ASTRONAUT)
static final Agent EV1 = new Agent(AgentType.ASTRONAUT)
static final Agent EV2 = new Agent(AgentType.ASTRONAUT)
static final Agent EV3 = new Agent(AgentType.ASTRONAUT)
static final Agent EV4 = new Agent(AgentType.ASTRONAUT)
static final Agent K10Red = new Agent(AgentType.K10)
static final Agent K10Black = new Agent(AgentType.K10)
static final Agent K10Sim = new Agent(AgentType.K10)
static final Agent KRex = new Agent(AgentType.K10)
static final Agent AthleteA = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE)
static final Agent AthleteB = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE)
static final Agent AthleteC = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE)
static final Agent AthleteD = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE)
static final Agent AthleteSim = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE)
static final Agent TriathleteA = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE)
static final Agent TriathleteB = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE)
static final Agent TriathleteC = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE)
static final Agent TriathleteD = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE)
static final Agent TriathleteE = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE)
static final Agent TriathleteF = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE)
static final Agent Centaur2 = new Agent(AgentType.CENTAUR)
static final Agent Centaur2Sim = new Agent(AgentType.CENTAUR)
static final Agent Robonaut2A = new Agent(AgentType.HUMANOID)
static final Agent Robonaut2B = new Agent(AgentType.HUMANOID)
static final Agent Robonaut2ASim = new Agent(AgentType.HUMANOID)
static final Agent ChariotA = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER)
static final Agent ChariotB = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER)
static final Agent ChariotC = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER)
static final Agent ChariotD = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER)
static final Agent LerA = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER)
static final Agent LerB = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER)
static final Agent LerC = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER)
static final Agent LerD = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER)
static final Agent LerASim = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER)
static final Agent LerBSim = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER)
static final Agent LerCSim = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER)
static final Agent LerDSim = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER)
static final Agent SpheresBlack = new Agent(AgentType.SIMULATOR)
static final Agent SpheresBlue = new Agent(AgentType.SIMULATOR)
static final Agent SpheresBlue2 = new Agent(AgentType.SIMULATOR)
static final Agent SpheresOrange = new Agent(AgentType.SIMULATOR)
static final Agent SpheresOrange2 = new Agent(AgentType.SIMULATOR)
static final Agent SpheresRed = new Agent(AgentType.SIMULATOR)
static final Agent Spheres0 = new Agent(AgentType.SIMULATOR)
static final Agent Cockpit01 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR)
static final Agent Cockpit02 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR)
static final Agent Cockpit03 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR)
static final Agent Cockpit04 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR)
static final Agent Cockpit05 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR)
static final Agent Cockpit06 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR)
static final Agent Cockpit07 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR)
static final Agent Cockpit08 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR)
static final Agent Cockpit09 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR)
static final Agent GenericSim = new Agent(AgentType.SIMULATOR)
static final Agent SequencerAll = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent LangleyCrane = new Agent(AgentType.CRANE)
static final Agent LangleyCamera = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA)
static final Agent RapidCameraA = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA)
static final Agent RapidCameraB = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA)
static final Agent RapidCameraC = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA)
static final Agent RapidCameraD = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA)
static final Agent RapidCameraE = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA)
static final Agent SequencerSuit1 = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerSuit2 = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerArcA = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerArcB = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJPLA = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJPLB = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJPLC = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJPLD = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJPLE = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJPLF = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJPLG = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJPLH = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJPLI = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJPLJ = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJPLK = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJPLL = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJSCA = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJSCB = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJSCC = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJSCD = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SequencerJSCE = new Agent(AgentType.SEQUENCER)
static final Agent SONYSNCRZ30N = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Detailed Description

Implements an interface very similar to Enum. This used to be an enum but was changed to a class for runtime extensibility. Code using Agent should not require changes (with the obvious exception of "switch" statements).

Member Function Documentation

[static initializer] ( ) [static, package]
static boolean add ( String  agentName,
AgentType  agentType 
) [static]
true upon success, false if name already exists

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int compareTo ( Agent  other)

Here is the call graph for this function:

static Agent fromString ( String  name) [static]
Use Agent.valueOf().

Here is the call graph for this function:

static Agent getAgentFromName ( String  name) [static]
Use valueOf() instead.
static Agent [] getAgentsOfType ( AgentType  type) [static]
array of Agents that correspond the the AgentType
String name ( )
name of agent
static synchronized Agent newAgent ( String  agentName,
AgentType  agentType 
) throws Exception [static]
static Agent newOperatorAgent ( ) [static]

TODO: This method will not remain the way it is. Instead, we need to have a RAPID domain-wide UID generation scheme for new clients. For now, we just use a positive randomly generated 4-digit number.

a new Agent

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int ordinal ( )
String toString ( )
name of agent
static Agent valueOf ( String  name) [static]
Agent enum from name string
IllegalArgumentExceptionif name does not map to valid Agent
static List<Agent> values ( ) [static]
static Agent [] valuesAsArray ( ) [static]
Use values().toArray().

Member Data Documentation

final Agent Astronaut1 = new Agent(AgentType.ASTRONAUT) [static]
final Agent Astronaut2 = new Agent(AgentType.ASTRONAUT) [static]
final Agent AthleteA = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE) [static]
final Agent AthleteB = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE) [static]
final Agent AthleteC = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE) [static]
final Agent AthleteD = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE) [static]
final Agent AthleteSim = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE) [static]
final Agent Centaur2 = new Agent(AgentType.CENTAUR) [static]
final Agent Centaur2Sim = new Agent(AgentType.CENTAUR) [static]
final Agent ChariotA = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER) [static]
final Agent ChariotB = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER) [static]
final Agent ChariotC = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER) [static]
final Agent ChariotD = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER) [static]
final Agent Cockpit01 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR) [static]
final Agent Cockpit02 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR) [static]
final Agent Cockpit03 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR) [static]
final Agent Cockpit04 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR) [static]
final Agent Cockpit05 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR) [static]
final Agent Cockpit06 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR) [static]
final Agent Cockpit07 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR) [static]
final Agent Cockpit08 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR) [static]
final Agent Cockpit09 = new Agent(AgentType.OPERATOR) [static]
final Agent EV1 = new Agent(AgentType.ASTRONAUT) [static]
final Agent EV2 = new Agent(AgentType.ASTRONAUT) [static]
final Agent EV3 = new Agent(AgentType.ASTRONAUT) [static]
final Agent EV4 = new Agent(AgentType.ASTRONAUT) [static]
final Agent GenericSim = new Agent(AgentType.SIMULATOR) [static]
final Agent K10Black = new Agent(AgentType.K10) [static]
final Agent K10Red = new Agent(AgentType.K10) [static]
final Agent K10Sim = new Agent(AgentType.K10) [static]
final Agent KRex = new Agent(AgentType.K10) [static]
final Agent LangleyCamera = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA) [static]
final Agent LangleyCrane = new Agent(AgentType.CRANE) [static]
final Agent LerA = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER) [static]
final Agent LerASim = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER) [static]
final Agent LerB = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER) [static]
final Agent LerBSim = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER) [static]
final Agent LerC = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER) [static]
final Agent LerCSim = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER) [static]
final Agent LerD = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER) [static]
final Agent LerDSim = new Agent(AgentType.JSCROVER) [static]
final Agent RapidCameraA = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA) [static]
final Agent RapidCameraB = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA) [static]
final Agent RapidCameraC = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA) [static]
final Agent RapidCameraD = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA) [static]
final Agent RapidCameraE = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA) [static]
final Agent Robonaut2A = new Agent(AgentType.HUMANOID) [static]
final Agent Robonaut2B = new Agent(AgentType.HUMANOID) [static]
final Agent SONYSNCRZ30N = new Agent(AgentType.CAMERA) [static]
final Agent Spheres0 = new Agent(AgentType.SIMULATOR) [static]
final Agent SpheresBlue = new Agent(AgentType.SIMULATOR) [static]
final Agent SpheresRed = new Agent(AgentType.SIMULATOR) [static]
final Agent TriathleteA = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE) [static]
final Agent TriathleteB = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE) [static]
final Agent TriathleteC = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE) [static]
final Agent TriathleteD = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE) [static]
final Agent TriathleteE = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE) [static]
final Agent TriathleteF = new Agent(AgentType.ATHLETE) [static]
final AgentType type

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