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JointSample Interface Reference

JointSample delivers joint data at a high frequency. More...

import "JointSample.idl";

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Public Attributes

public FloatSequence anglePos
 Angle position (in radians) of the joint.
public FloatSequence angleVel
 Angle velocity (in radians/sec) of the joint.
public FloatSequence angleAcc
 Angle acceleration (in radians/sec^2) of the joint.
public FloatSequence current
 Current draw of joint motor.
public FloatSequence torque
 Torque sensed at the joint (in N-m).
public FloatSequence temperature
 Temperature of the joint (in degrees Celsius).
public LongSequence status
 Bit field representing the state of the joint.
public NFSeqSequence16 auxFloat
 A list of sequences for any parameters not otherwise included.

Detailed Description

Use JointConfig to deciper the configuration of joints.

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