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JointSample.idl File Reference

JointConfig describes the joints in an Agent and their relation to each other using the FrameStore. More...

import "Message.idl";
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interface  JointSample
 JointSample delivers joint data at a high frequency. More...


package  rapid


const long JOINT_ENABLED = 0x0000
 Flag values for joint status sequence.
const long JOINT_DISABLED = 0x0001
 Joint is disabled.
const long JOINT_FROZEN = 0x0003
 Joint is unable to move.
const long JOINT_ESTOP = 0x0005
 Joint has been e-stopped.
const long JOINT_FAILURE = 0x0100
 Joint has had a failure.
const long JOINT_OVER_CURRENT = 0x0300
 Joint is drawing too much current.
const long JOINT_POSITION_ERROR = 0x0500
 Joint is drawing too much current.

Detailed Description

JointSample delivers telemetry about the joints of an Agent.

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