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K10Defs.idl File Reference

Defines constants related to the K10 robot as a convenience for programmers. More...

import "BaseTypes.idl";
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package  rapid
package  rapid.k10

Indexes for k10 motor group messages.

package  rapid.k10.joint


const String32 JOINTS_MOTOR_GROUP = "MotorGroup"
 Motor group includes steering and wheel angles.
const String32 JOINTS_K9_ARM = "K9Arm"
 Arm that had been mounted on K9 previously.
const long FL_DRIVE = 0
 Indexes for the motor group.
const long FR_DRIVE = 1
 front left drive
const long RL_DRIVE = 2
 front right drive
const long RR_DRIVE = 3
 rear left drive
const long FL_STEER = 4
 rear right drive
const long FR_STEER = 5
 front left steer/drive
const long RL_STEER = 6
 front right steer/drive
const long RR_STEER = 7
 rear left steer/drive

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