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MIMETypesConstants.idl File Reference

Defines constants for image data. More...

import "BaseTypes.idl";
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package  rapid


const String32 MIME_IMAGE_BMP = "image/bmp"
 MIME Types to use for ImageSensorSample, if appropriate.
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_CIS_COD = "image/cis-cod"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_GIF = "image/gif"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_IEF = "image/ief"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_JPEG = "image/jpeg"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_PIPEG = "image/pipeg"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_SVG_XML = "image/svg+xml"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_TIFF = "image/tiff"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_CMU_RASTER = "image/x-cmu-raster"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_CMX = "image/x-cmx"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_ICON = "image/x-icon"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_PNM = "image/x-portable-anymap"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_PBM = "image/x-portable-bitmap"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_PGM = "image/x-portable-graymap"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_PPM = "image/x-portable-pixmap"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_RGB = "image/x-rgb"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_XBM = "image/x-xbitmap"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_XPM = "image/x-xpixmap"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_XWD = "image/x-xwindowdump"
const String32 MIME_IMAGE_EXR = "image/x-exr"

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