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AckCompletedStatus Class Reference

Status of the command paired with this Ack. More...

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Public Member Functions

int value ()
String toString (String desc, int indent)
 Print Method.

Static Public Member Functions

static AckCompletedStatus valueOf (int ordinal)
static AckCompletedStatus from_int (int __value)
static int[] getOrdinals ()
static AckCompletedStatus create ()
 Create a default instance.

Static Public Attributes

static final AckCompletedStatus ACK_COMPLETED_NOT = new AckCompletedStatus("ACK_COMPLETED_NOT", 0)
static final int _ACK_COMPLETED_NOT = 0
static final AckCompletedStatus ACK_COMPLETED_OK = new AckCompletedStatus("ACK_COMPLETED_OK", 1)
static final int _ACK_COMPLETED_OK = 1
static final AckCompletedStatus ACK_COMPLETED_BAD_SYNTAX = new AckCompletedStatus("ACK_COMPLETED_BAD_SYNTAX", 2)
static final int _ACK_COMPLETED_BAD_SYNTAX = 2
static final AckCompletedStatus ACK_COMPLETED_EXEC_FAILED = new AckCompletedStatus("ACK_COMPLETED_EXEC_FAILED", 3)
static final int _ACK_COMPLETED_EXEC_FAILED = 3
static final AckCompletedStatus ACK_COMPLETED_CANCELED = new AckCompletedStatus("ACK_COMPLETED_CANCELED", 4)
static final int _ACK_COMPLETED_CANCELED = 4

Detailed Description

  • ACK_QUEUED: Sent by Sequencer when queueing Tasks.
  • ACK_EXECUTING: Command has been started by the Bridge.
  • ACK_COMPLETED: Sent when command is done.

This status is sent along when it has completed

  • ACK_COMPLETED_NOT: Task has not completed yet.
  • ACK_COMPLETED_OK: Successful completion.
  • ACK_COMPLETED_BAD_SYNTAX: Command not recognized, bad parameters, etc.
  • ACK_COMPLETED_EXEC_FAILED: Failed to complete.
  • ACK_COMPLETED_CANCELED: Canceled from queue.

Member Function Documentation

static AckCompletedStatus create ( ) [static]

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static AckCompletedStatus from_int ( int  __value) [static]

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static int [] getOrdinals ( ) [static]
String toString ( String  desc,
int  indent 
int value ( )
static AckCompletedStatus valueOf ( int  ordinal) [static]

Member Data Documentation

final int _ACK_COMPLETED_BAD_SYNTAX = 2 [static]
final int _ACK_COMPLETED_CANCELED = 4 [static]
final int _ACK_COMPLETED_EXEC_FAILED = 3 [static]
final int _ACK_COMPLETED_NOT = 0 [static]
final int _ACK_COMPLETED_OK = 1 [static]
final AckCompletedStatus ACK_COMPLETED_BAD_SYNTAX = new AckCompletedStatus("ACK_COMPLETED_BAD_SYNTAX", 2) [static]
final AckCompletedStatus ACK_COMPLETED_CANCELED = new AckCompletedStatus("ACK_COMPLETED_CANCELED", 4) [static]
final AckCompletedStatus ACK_COMPLETED_EXEC_FAILED = new AckCompletedStatus("ACK_COMPLETED_EXEC_FAILED", 3) [static]
final AckCompletedStatus ACK_COMPLETED_NOT = new AckCompletedStatus("ACK_COMPLETED_NOT", 0) [static]
final AckCompletedStatus ACK_COMPLETED_OK = new AckCompletedStatus("ACK_COMPLETED_OK", 1) [static]

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