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The commands in the Admin Command Group provide high-level test functions and control parameters. More...

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Static Public Attributes

static final String VALUE = "setPositionSamplePublishRate"

Detailed Description

The Admin Command Group contains the following commands:

  • echo: Echo the parameter text.
  • shutdown: Terminate the bridge.
  • noOp: No operation command.
  • setPositionSamplePublishRate: Publish Agent pose at given rate.
  • positionSamplePublishRate: Get Agent pose publication rate.
  • setJointSamplePublishRate: Publish Agent articulation at given rate.
  • jointSampleRate: Get Agent articulation publication rate.

Echos the parameter text. Key for parameter used in reply by bridge. Terminate the bridge. No operation command. Publish Agent pose at given rate.

Member Data Documentation

final String VALUE = "setPositionSamplePublishRate" [static]

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