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ChannelConfig Class Reference

The file queue channel configuration. More...

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Public Member Functions

 ChannelConfig ()
 ChannelConfig (ChannelConfig other)
boolean equals (Object o)
int hashCode ()
Object copy_from (Object src)
 This is the implementation of the Copyable interface.
String toString ()
String toString (String desc, int indent)

Static Public Member Functions

static Object create ()

Public Attributes

String name = ""
 Name of the channel.
short numTokens
 Number of tokens that channel has.

Detailed Description

The file queue can have multiple channels. Bandwidth is split up between the channels through a token system.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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Member Function Documentation

Object copy_from ( Object  src)

This method will perform a deep copy of src This method could be placed into ChannelConfigTypeSupport rather than here by using the -noCopyable option to rtiddsgen.

srcThe Object which contains the data to be copied.
Returns this.
NullPointerExceptionIf src is null.
ClassCastExceptionIf src is not the same type as this.
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static Object create ( ) [static]

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boolean equals ( Object  o)

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int hashCode ( )
String toString ( String  desc,
int  indent 
String toString ( )

Member Data Documentation

String name = ""
short numTokens

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