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FloatRangeValue Class Reference

DataType is used in KeyTypeValue triples to describe the type of data contained in the string value. More...

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Public Member Functions

 FloatRangeValue ()
 FloatRangeValue (FloatRangeValue other)
boolean equals (Object o)
int hashCode ()
Object copy_from (Object src)
 This is the implementation of the Copyable interface.
String toString ()
String toString (String desc, int indent)

Static Public Member Functions

static Object create ()

Public Attributes

float min
float max
float value

Detailed Description

  • RAPID_VEC3d:
  • RAPID_MAT33f:

Arguments for commands will be specified with these types. ValueSequence is used in telemetry types that have a corresponding Config message that defines the Key and Type. KeyTypePair defines a key with data type only. KeyTypeValueTriple defines a key, its data type and its value. Hash table interchange data structure with type information. Transform3D defines an x,y,z cartesian location with a rotation matrix. Sequence of floats with an identifier. Two foating point numbers defining a range with minimum and maximum values. A min, max range plus current value.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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Member Function Documentation

Object copy_from ( Object  src)

This method will perform a deep copy of src This method could be placed into FloatRangeValueTypeSupport rather than here by using the -noCopyable option to rtiddsgen.

srcThe Object which contains the data to be copied.
Returns this.
NullPointerExceptionIf src is null.
ClassCastExceptionIf src is not the same type as this.
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static Object create ( ) [static]

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boolean equals ( Object  o)

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int hashCode ( )
String toString ( String  desc,
int  indent 
String toString ( )

Member Data Documentation

float max
float min
float value

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