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IRapidMessage Interface Reference

This should be implemented by all helpers such that the it will be easy for listeners to listen for RapidMessage types.

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Public Member Functions

void setHeader (Agent scrAgent, String partitionName, long timeStamp, int statusCode)
void setHeader (Agent srcAgent, String partitionName, int statusCode)
void updateHeader (int statusCode)
Header getHeader ()
String toString ()
void initializeVariables ()
 ensure that there is no way to send over a null through the wire
void populateTopLevelAttributes ()
 MAE-4255: create top level access variables to simplify access.

Member Function Documentation

void setHeader ( Agent  scrAgent,
String  partitionName,
long  timeStamp,
int  statusCode 
void setHeader ( Agent  srcAgent,
String  partitionName,
int  statusCode 
void updateHeader ( int  statusCode)

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