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CommandConfig.idl File Reference

CommandConfig sends a list of commands that are supported by the sending Agent, which are encapsulated in a CommandDef struct. More...

import "Message.idl";
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struct  CommandDef
 A command definition. More...
struct  SubsystemType
struct  Subsystem
interface  CommandConfig
 Message that sets up the possible commands an Agent can send and any arguments needed to perform said command. More...


package  rapid


typedef sequence< CommandDef, 128 > CommandDefSequence
typedef sequence< SubsystemType > SubsystemTypeSequence
typedef sequence< Subsystem > SubsystemSequence

Detailed Description

Command is sent by a remote application to command an Agent. CommandConstants holds parameter lists for common commands. The parameters listed for each of these common commands are guaranteed to be used by an Agent that lists the command in its CommandConfig.

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