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FileQueueConfigCache Class Reference

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class  FileQueueConfigHolder

Public Member Functions

void addConfigImpl (FileQueueConfig config)
void rapidEventReceived (Agent agent, MessageType type, IRapidMessage msg)

Static Public Member Functions

static FileQueueConfigHolder getSubscribedConfig (final Agent agent, final MessageType configType, FileQueueSample data)
 Matches the serial number in JointSample to the latest JointConfig and returns it if true.
static FileQueueConfigHolder getConfig (final Agent agent, final MessageType configType)
static synchronized void createCache (final Agent agent, MessageType configType)
static void addConfig (Agent agent, MessageType configType, FileQueueConfig config)
 Manually add Config to cache.
static void addConfig (String agentName, MessageType configType, FileQueueConfig config)

Protected Member Functions

FileQueueConfigHolder getLatestConfig ()
FileQueueConfigHolder getLatestMatchingConfig (Header hdr)

Package Attributes

ArrayList< FileQueueConfigHolderhistory = new ArrayList<FileQueueConfigHolder>()

Member Function Documentation

static void addConfig ( Agent  agent,
MessageType  configType,
FileQueueConfig  config 
) [static]

Used for client Configs.


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static void addConfig ( String  agentName,
MessageType  configType,
FileQueueConfig  config 
) [static]

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void addConfigImpl ( FileQueueConfig  config)
static synchronized void createCache ( final Agent  agent,
MessageType  configType 
) [static]

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static FileQueueConfigHolder getConfig ( final Agent  agent,
final MessageType  configType 
) [static]

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FileQueueConfigHolder getLatestConfig ( ) [protected]
FileQueueConfigHolder getLatestMatchingConfig ( Header  hdr) [protected]
static FileQueueConfigHolder getSubscribedConfig ( final Agent  agent,
final MessageType  configType,
FileQueueSample  data 
) [static]

If false, null is returned

TODO: match against history of JointConfig messages

If the client would like to subscribe to the Config message to receive the initial JointSample, the following should be done at the calling class:

JointConfig.getSubscribedConfig(agent, new JointSample());

This will return null, but the JointConfig has been registered to listen for events.

  • should never be null

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void rapidEventReceived ( Agent  agent,
MessageType  type,
IRapidMessage  msg 

Implements IRapidEventListener.

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Member Data Documentation

ArrayList<FileQueueConfigHolder> history = new ArrayList<FileQueueConfigHolder>() [package]

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