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JointFrameUpdater Class Reference

Updates Joint frames for an Agent. More...

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class  FrameDefinition

Public Member Functions

 JointFrameUpdater (String participant, Agent agent, MessageType sample)
void subscribe ()
void unsubscribe ()
void onRapidMessageReceived (Agent agent, MessageType msgType, Object event, Object configObj)
synchronized void setupFromConfig (JointConfig jointConfig)

Public Attributes

final int BAD_SERIAL = -13

Protected Member Functions

Frame.Axis getAxis (String dof, String frameName)

Protected Attributes

final String m_participant
final Agent m_agent
final MessageType m_sampleType
String m_jointGroupName
int m_lastConfigSerialId = BAD_SERIAL
final List< FrameDefinitionm_frameDefs = new ArrayList<FrameDefinition>()

Detailed Description


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

JointFrameUpdater ( String  participant,
Agent  agent,
MessageType  sample 

Member Function Documentation

Frame.Axis getAxis ( String  dof,
String  frameName 
) [protected]
void onRapidMessageReceived ( Agent  agent,
MessageType  msgType,
Object  event,
Object  configObj 

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synchronized void setupFromConfig ( JointConfig  jointConfig)

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void subscribe ( )
void unsubscribe ( )

Member Data Documentation

final int BAD_SERIAL = -13
final Agent m_agent [protected]
final List<FrameDefinition> m_frameDefs = new ArrayList<FrameDefinition>() [protected]
String m_jointGroupName [protected]
int m_lastConfigSerialId = BAD_SERIAL [protected]
final String m_participant [protected]
final MessageType m_sampleType [protected]

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